Bachelor’s Thesis

“Suppliers will work together for a DLT-enriched New Distribution Capability (NDC), and specifically small and medium-sized businesses will demand “DLT-as-a-Service”-products.”

1. Main research question towards GDS:

“Will Global Distribution Systems (GDS) consider “DLT as a Service” as a successful business model, specifically targeting small and medium-sized (hospitality) businesses?”

2. Main research question towards Intermediaries:

“Do Intermediaries, such as Metasearch Engines and Online Travel Agencies (OTA), see how New Intermediaries, as defined in NT_29 Exposé (1.2.), help to change traditional commission-based, price-parity business models?”

3. Main research question towards Suppliers:

“Will IATA, a leader for suppliers in tourism, consider to enrich its NDC program with DLT?”


IOTA is one high performing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the data ledger of everything.

(NT_29 Exposé, NT_31 Project available.) 

Distributed Sustainable Tourism Information. 2021, Thesis in supervision at HSRW, Germany.